Lighter. Faster. Better.

DM6 Holey

It's finally here! Super-light, super-fast, and super-efficient….DM6 Holey! A unique model that combines everything that gamers love the most: a slick shape, the best sensor, and top performing buttons! You get all of this in a package that weighs under 70 grams!

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69 grams

69 reasons to be the best on the map

If you're looking for an extremely light rodent, DM6 Holey is made for you! Special holes throughout the shell of a mouse lower the weight to the point that it could be mistaken for a feather! We checked with many gamers and they told us that 69 grams means that the weight of the mouse is practically imperceptible, even after long hours of playing. In combination with our shoelace cable, this light weight gives you a super rodent for all of your special gaming tasks!

only 69 grams

Choose your favorite sensor and win

To meet your highest expectations, we decided to release the Holey model in two versions… one with the PixArt 3389 sensor and the other for fans of the PixArt 3360 sensor. Thanks to this choice of sensors, everyone will be able to use their favorite gaming mouse with the sensor that they prefer!

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Huano buttons

Don't let them surprise you

There is nothing worse than a jammed click. A gaming nightmare is when you have a weak sensor or even worse a jamming switch. If it gets stuck, then you lose. That is why we have chosen one of the best Huano switches on the market, which have a lifetime of 20 million clicks! What does this mean for a hardcore gamer? Your buttons will always be ready for operation for several thousand hours. Stop the limitations, bet on reliability.

Switches Huano Blue Shell

Shoelace cable

Light like it isn't even there

DM6 Holey and Holey S equipped with our hit feature – the shoelace cable, which is loved by everyone! Extremely flexible, virtually imperceptible when playing. It's the best of both worlds. You get the wired mouse speed, low lag, and at the same time it feels like it is wireless.

Shoelace cable


Allows for more

DM6 Holey has dedicated software that allows you even more customizable features to make this mouse fit your own individual needs. Thanks to new features in DM6 Holey, you can personally configure your mouse excatly the way you want it. You can change your polling rate, adjust DPI, or change the backlighting method. These personal touches and more are available now...thanks to the DM6 Holey mouse software!


DM6 Holey

Winning has never
been easier

DM6 Holey and its more advanced version, DM6 Holey S, are our mice that provide the highest quality, the fastest speed, and our super lightweight. Thanks to these features, you will become an even better player and conquer all the rankings in your favorite titles. Let yourself be carried away to the highest gaming level - thanks to DM6 Holey and DM6 Holey S!

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DM6 Holey
In stock
149 PLN
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DM6 Holey S
In stock
189 PLN
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Max speed
7.0 m/s
Polling Rate
1000 Hz
7+ scroll
DM6 Holey: Optical PMW3360
DM6 Holey S: Optical PMW3389
Gold plated
DM6 Holey: 400, 800, 1200, 2400, 4800, 12000
DM6 Holey S: 400, 800, 1200, 2400, 4800, 16000
LOD (lift off distance)
Left switch
Huano 20.000.000 clicks
Right switch
Huano 20.000.000 clicks
Side switches
3.000.000 clicks
129 x 66 x 40 mm
69 g (without cable)
Shoelace cable (1.8m)
Matte Black
manual, mouse